My Current Gear:

This is what I currently use on a daily basis. 

Some stuff is custom made or not available anymore.

If I make any major upgrades or changes I will update my

Desk Setup

This includes all of the tech in my setup. I am really happy with the entire build since I perfectly optimized it for productivity and gaming.

I obviously spent way too much money on aesthetics, since I use it as a set for my videos.  If you purely care about functionality this is of course unnecessary.  


I built this PC in 2021. This is my first custom water-cooled build and of course, I messed it up. Took me 5 days to complete. Main lesson: DO NOT CHEAP OUT ON THE BENDING KIT AND TRIPPLE CHECK ISOLATION IN THE FITTINGS, it will save your sanity. But ignoring the initial water leaks, I am really satisfied with the aesthetics and performance. In total, the PC cost me about 6.5k, but that was mainly because of the semiconductor shortage which caused inflated prices across all components. Also, I got scammed for €2500 buying a 3090 on I knew that was a bad idea :/

Video Gear

This is all the stuff I use to produce my content as efficiently as possible. I am not an expert when it comes to video production but I think the quality you can get with this gear is amazing for the price. I have a ZV1 because it’s compact and big cameras scare me. Once I got rid of that fear, I will probably upgrade.